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St. Patrick's Day is almost here. This weekend, everyone will be "Irish" for a day. Of course, what this really means is that a large number of people will be engaging in a rare day of binge drinking. While this may be fun at the moment, it can also have serious consequences that go well beyond a seismic hangover the following day.

If you’d like to improve the appearance of your smile, porcelain veneers are an excellent option to consider. Porcelain veneers are a versatile cosmetic dentistry restoration that can address just about any aesthetic smile imperfection you may have. The entire process can be completed in 2-3 office visits over approximately 3 weeks.

Ready to Smile Proudly? Time for Cosmetic DentistryDo you ever find yourself dreaming of a brighter or more beautiful smile when you flip through the pages of your favorite magazines? When you watch TV or movies, are you more interested in the stars’ smiles than the plot of the stories?

Want a More Beautiful Smile? Veneers Could Help!Do you ever find yourself flipping through fashion magazines, paying more attention to the models’ smiles than the clothes they’re trying to sell? If you find yourself fixating on other people’s smiles, could it be because your own smile isn’t looking how you would like?

Want to Look Younger? See Your DentistAs the years have passed, have you watched in despair as your smile begins to look older and older? Sadly, most smiles begin to look aged and often duller as the years pass. The good news is that modern dental treatment makes it possible to address most signs of aging with beautiful results.

 Is It Time for Porcelain Veneers?Are you sick of shying away from photo ops, when you go out with friends, all because of noticeable imperfections in your smile? Are you tired of avoiding encounters with that handsome guy at your office, because you’re scared he’ll fixate on the same flaws in your smile that have long bothered you?