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St. Patrick's Day is almost here. This weekend, everyone will be "Irish" for a day. Of course, what this really means is that a large number of people will be engaging in a rare day of binge drinking. While this may be fun at the moment, it can also have serious consequences that go well beyond a seismic hangover the following day.

Are You Overdue for a Dental Checkup?Do you ever find yourself wondering, but too embarrassed to ask, whether it is really that important that you see the dentist regularly? Many adults feel tempted to skip regular cleanings, in order to save money, time or simply because they don’t think they are all that necessary.

Could Drinking Water Be Good for Your Oral Health?Is your favorite part of your day when you pour yourself a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning? Perhaps it is hitting the drive thru for an afternoon soda, or sweet tea? At the gym, do you enjoy grabbing a sports drink to quench your thirst? How often do you meet friends after work for alcoholic beverages?

 Worried About Your Gums? You Could Need Periodontal TherapyHave you grown concerned about your gums, ever since you noticed bleeding when you floss? Recently, have you been suffering from chronic bad breath no matter how often you brush your teeth? Do parts of your gums look red or purple instead of the pink color they once were?

Want to Look Younger? See Your DentistAs the years have passed, have you watched in despair as your smile begins to look older and older? Sadly, most smiles begin to look aged and often duller as the years pass. The good news is that modern dental treatment makes it possible to address most signs of aging with beautiful results.

Is Your Smile In Need of Dental Treatment?Do you ever wonder whether you would even know if you were suffering from a cavity or other dental problem? Sadly, nearly 90 percent of the adults in America and close to 30 percent of the school-aged children in the country will suffer from dental decay. Cavities and other issues are preventable though, with proper dental care.