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Do You Need a Modern Dental Prostheses?Are you tired of trying, in vain, to hide your smile because of the insecurity adult tooth loss has caused? Tired of avoiding some of your favorite foods, because you know they will be difficult to chew while missing teeth, or even with an ill-fitting denture?

 Is It Time to Consider a Dental Implant?Recent tooth loss or extraction isn’t the only reason you might need to schedule an appointment with a prosthetic dentist. Even if you already have a prostheses, if you are unhappy with how it feels or works, it’s important to see your dentist.

Ready to Enjoy Meals Again? Try a Dental ImplantWhen was the last time you actually sat down to eat without dreading the discomfort or embarrassment you were likely to experience? After losing a tooth many things can become difficult, including chewing and even smiling with confidence.

Want to Replace a Tooth Securely? Consider a Dental Bridge or Implant!If you have suffered from adult tooth loss, then you know all too well how that can alter far more than just a person’s smile. It can negatively impact one’s self-confidence and sense of self-esteem, as well. It can also pose problems when trying to chew, since incomplete smiles rarely function as well as complete smiles.

Are There Alternatives to Traditional Dentures?If you have suffered from adult tooth loss, in the past, you know how frustrating it can be to have an incomplete smile. Smiles missing teeth do not function as effectively as complete smiles. Missing teeth can also lead to embarrassment, frustration, and anxiety, as well.