Are You Overdue for a Dental Checkup?

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Are You Overdue for a Dental Checkup?Do you ever find yourself wondering, but too embarrassed to ask, whether it is really that important that you see the dentist regularly? Many adults feel tempted to skip regular cleanings, in order to save money, time or simply because they don’t think they are all that necessary. Unfortunately, skipping regular dental visits can heighten your risk of developing dental cavities and even gum disease. So, if you have been postponing a dental trip, it is time to reconsider. Instead, why not focus on the many benefits of seeing your dentist regularly?

“I saw the dentist about a year ago. Do I really need to go again?”

One common misconception about dental visits is that checkups are only needed once a year. Most dentists actually recommend visiting at least twice a year for checkups and cleanings, in order to help remove tartar buildup before it can erode the teeth’s enamel or irritate and inflame the sensitive gum tissues. If you have not seen the dentist in more than six months, you are actually already overdue for your next cleaning. To properly protect your smile, it is best to get in the habit of scheduling bi-annual checkups.

“My teeth look healthy. Can’t I skip a cleaning or two?”

Even if the teeth appear clean and healthy, that does not mean that they aren’t at risk of cavities or other dental issues. So don’t let the cosmetics of your smile sway you from visiting regularly for essential preventive care.

“My tooth sometimes hurts, but sometimes doesn’t. Is it really a problem?”

Moderate sensitivity, and especially any dental discomfort, is often an early warning sign of dental issues like cavities. It’s best to schedule a restorative dental consultation if you even suspect you could be struggling with a dental problem, as the longer you postpone treatment the more likely the issue is to worsen.

This is another reason it’s important not to skip checkups and cleanings, as these are great opportunities for your dentist to check and address any burgeoning issues, before they can become extensive problems.

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