Are Your Gums In Need of Extra Care?

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Are Your Gums In Need of Extra Care?

Did you know that millions of Americans are believed to suffer from a chronic condition known as gum disease? Over the years, gum disease can lead to a host of dental issues, starting with irritated and easily bleeding gums and chronic bad breath, and eventually tooth loss. Since the gums are connected to the rest of the body through the bloodstream, gum disease can also increase risk of heart disease, stroke, and may worsen the conditions of illnesses like diabetes. Fortunately, if your gums are showing symptoms of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, the dentist can likely help to improve your oral health by removing bacteria through a special periodontal cleaning.

Do You Need Periodontal Care?

Regular dental checkups and cleanings are one of the best ways to prevent symptoms of gingivitis, as well as cavities and other oral health threats. Combined with daily dental hygiene including brushing and flossing and a healthy diet, it is possible to maintain a healthy smile.

That said, if your gums are already inflamed, the dentist may recommend a more thorough deep cleaning known as periodontal cleaning. This generally involves non-surgical procedures like scaling and root planning, which help to break up plaque buildup, in order to restore the gums’ health.

How Can You Protect Your Gums?

After treatment, it will be important to give your gums the care they need on an ongoing basis to prevent future tartar buildup, which can irritate the gums once again. One of the easiest yet most essential ways to protect the gums is by removing bacteria through daily flossing.

Do Your Gums Need Extra Care?

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