Avoid Extensive Dental Issues with Prompt Restorative Treatment

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Avoid Extensive Dental Issues with Prompt Restorative TreatmentAfter months of being bothered by heightened sensitivity when drinking a hot cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea, or even downright pain when trying to eat, are you ready to get to the bottom of what is obviously a dental problem? Teeth are incredibly strong, yet they lack the ability to repair themselves the way many other parts of the body can. That means that while you may only be suffering from sensitivity or moderate discomfort now, left unaddressed that little issue could become a full-blown tooth infection. If you want to prevent the need for extensive treatment, it is best to see your restorative dentist at the first signs of trouble.

What Are the Most Common Warning Signs of Dental Trouble?

Many people dismiss tooth sensitivity as being normal, especially when enjoying hot or cold foods or drinks. Unfortunately, sensitivity can often be a warning sign of a dental problem, like a cavity. This is because the layer beneath the teeth’s outermost layer, the enamel, is more sensitive. So when it becomes exposed, either due to acidic erosion or an injury, many patients find themselves struggling with pesky sensitivity or even discomfort or pain. Even noticeable discoloration can be a warning of problems, since this sometimes indicates that outer enamel has been eroded away, and other times means that intrinsic damage has been caused by an accident or even chewing or teeth grinding.

How Can Prompt Dental Treatment Help?

Prompt restorative dental treatment can help to address tooth issues, often preventing the need for extensive measures like root canal therapy or even an extraction. Dental fillings, for instance, can generally help to address cavities, eliminating future discomfort and preventing tooth infections, as well. Dental crowns can be used to help protect teeth that were chipped or cracked during an accident.

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