Could Drinking Water Be Good for Your Oral Health?

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Could Drinking Water Be Good for Your Oral Health?Is your favorite part of your day when you pour yourself a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning? Perhaps it is hitting the drive thru for an afternoon soda, or sweet tea? At the gym, do you enjoy grabbing a sports drink to quench your thirst? How often do you meet friends after work for alcoholic beverages? While a few sweetened drinks may be fine, if you are relying on beverages other than water throughout the day, you could be putting your oral health in jeopardy. Water is essential to great oral health. In fact, there are several important reasons you should likely be drinking more of it.

Why Is Water So Important to Cavity Prevention?

Water is essential to your entire body’s wellbeing, and that includes your oral health. Why? When you drink water, you enable your body to produce saliva, which is actually a natural defense against plaque bacteria’s ability to calcify onto the surface of the teeth. By preventing tartar, water can actually help to fight cavities and the formation of gum disease, especially when it’s combined with a healthy diet low in sugar, daily dental hygiene, and routine preventive dental visits.

Avoiding Sodas and Sugary Beverages Is Also Important

Another great reason to drink plenty of water is because every time you are reaching for water you are avoiding a beverage that is likely less healthy for the teeth. Whether your go-to drink is a soda or black tea, a sports drink or fruit juice, in many cases these kinds of drinks can actually be harmful to teeth, because of their high level of sugar or because of their acidity or both. So if you want to enjoy great oral health, make a habit of reaching for H20 throughout the day, and cut back on other drinks that could sabotage your smile’s health.

Want to Protect Your Oral Health?

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