Could Flossing Be What Your Smile Is Missing?

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Flossing Could Help Your SmileDo you ever wonder how well you are actually caring for your smile? Ever worry that you should be doing more to protect your teeth against cavities, or even your gums from gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease? If you really want to protect your smile, start with your hygiene routine. It should include twice daily brushing, but also flossing, which many people neglect. That is because flossing helps to reach portions between the teeth, where toothbrush bristles are simply unable to reach. So if you want to spend 2017 enjoying the best oral health you can, make sure you add flossing to your daily hygiene!

What Makes Flossing So Effective As Preventive Care?

There really is a reason why preventive dentists so regularly urge their patients to floss their teeth, and it can be helpful to think about it like this. If you are only brushing your teeth, not flossing, you are only cleaning approximately two thirds of your teeth. Over time, that one third that is not being reached can start to wreak havoc on your overall smile. That is because plaque buildup can become excessive, when food particles and bacteria are not promptly removed. In between dental cleanings, flossing combined with brushing, is the best way to protect the smile from plaque that can cause erosion, inflammation and other ill effects for your smile.

Worried about whether or not you are flossing correctly? The American Dental Association has created several video tutorials to help make the process clearer. Of course, you could also ask your preventive dentist at your reception for some pointers about how to floss effectively and comfortably.