Could You Enjoy a Healthier Smile with Simple Preventive Care?

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Could You Enjoy a Healthier Smile with Simple Preventive Care?
Do you want to spend 2017 enjoying a beautiful and healthy smile? If so, it’s important to take proper care of both your teeth and gums. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is a good start in preventing dental problems like cavities and gum disease, but it is not the only source of care your smile needs. If you want to prevent unsightly and acidic tartar buildup, chronic bad breath, dry mouth, and other pesky dental problems, it’s important to take all the necessary steps to keeping your smile in great shape!

Add Flossing to Your Hygiene Routine

One simple way to better protect your smile is by adding flossing to your daily hygiene routine. Flossing is a fast yet effective way to remove more of the bacteria that can lead to tartar buildup, and eventually require restorative tooth fillings, if allowed to remain on the surface of teeth, specifically the bacteria that falls into the hard-to-reach crevices between the teeth.

Eat a Healthy Diet, and Drink a Lot of Water

Another easy way to prevent cavities and other dental problems is to eat a healthy diet with limited sugar. Since the bacteria in the mouth feed on sugars, the more sugar you are consuming on a daily basis, the more likely you are to struggle with a whole host of dental issues, including cavities, but also gum disease.

Drinking water can also help to protect the smile, both because it can help to gently rinse the teeth clean in between brushing, but also because water helps the body to produce saliva. Saliva is a natural defense against tartar, because it helps limit plaque’s ability to stick to the surface of teeth.

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