Could Your Smile Be Completed Securely?

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Could Your Smile Be Completed Securely?

Are you tired of struggling with an incomplete smile, ever since you had a tooth extracted or lost one? Tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the gaping hole that was created by the loss, or trying to enjoy meals only to be bothered by a less functional smile? Perhaps you even have a denture already, but are unhappy with how it shifts while you chew. The great news is that dental implants can help to complete the smile securely and aesthetically, so you can smile confidently again, even after tooth loss.

Lost a Tooth? Had an Extraction? A Prostheses Can Help

If you have lost a tooth, or had one extracted, it is important to complete the smile, both from a cosmetic standpoint and a functional one as well. That’s because when a tooth is lost or removed, remaining teeth can try to shift to fill the gap that was created by the tooth loss.

Over time, this can lead to discomfort and even pain due to misalignment issues. When the teeth aren’t properly aligned, teeth grinding can happen as a result. The jaw can also begin to experience TMJ-related problems.

What Can Implants Do?

Dental implants help to complete the smile functionally and cosmetically, through the use of a piece that acts to mimic the role of a healthy tooth root. In fact, implants are the only prostheses that works to replace a missing tooth and its root. This serves a few functions, namely to stabilize a replacement tooth while also supplying the jaw with the nutrients needed to retain its structure over time. Plus, the mimic root is designed to last a lifetime, making implants one of the longest-lasting restorations.

Ready to Complete Your Smile Securely?

Modern dental prostheses can help to complete the smile securely and beautifully. If you are in need of prosthetic dental treatment, call Stephens and Gatewood Dentistry on Cypresswood Drive at 281-320-2000. Located in Spring, TX, we also proudly serve the residents of Houston, The Woodlands, Tomball, Cypress, and all surrounding communities.