Delight the Kids with Dentist-Approved Easter Treats

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Are you worried that all the usual treats you fill your kids Easter baskets with, will only lead to oral health issues? No parent wants to discover that his or her children are struggling with cavities. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on sugar-filled candy to fill your kids’ baskets this year! Instead, opt for these smile-friendly alternatives that will still bring delight, without the potential of dental decay!

Fun, Smile-Friendly Fillers for This Year’s Easter Basket

Sure, most kids love candy and other sweets. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find healthier alternatives that will still make them happy!

If you’re creating Easter baskets, it’s best to start with something big to fill the space. For small kids, you can’t go wrong with a cute stuffed animal, a coloring book or even a DVD of their favorite animated film. Of course, you could also let your kids’ individual interests guide your choices, purchasing a book, bookmark and small light for avid readers, new guitar picks, a CD, sheet music and headphones for your budding musician, or small canvases, paints and brushes for your artist-in-resident!

Other great options include small toys, cards, games and even puzzles. Stickers or temporary tattoos are always popular choices, and can be found in seasonal themes or their favorite comic book or cartoon characters.

If you would like to give your kids something edible, opt for healthier options than candy, like no-sugar added fruit snacks, dried fruit or applesauce cups. Crackers or pretzels are other good options.

Keep in mind, most things are fine in moderation, including candy and other sweet treats. If you do opt to add some candy to your kids’ baskets or Easter eggs, just make sure they brush their teeth shortly after their treats. This can help limit the time the sugar spends on the teeth, potentially leading to acidity.

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