Do You Grind Your Teeth Too Much?

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Teeth do a lot, from tearing and grinding your food to helping you enunciate your words, and more. For the most part, brushing and flossing them at twice a day can help keep them healthy enough to keep functioning. But sometimes, your dental health might be at risk from more than just plaque and tartar.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from bruxism, then the unconscious act of grinding your teeth too much can lead to a host of dental issues, if left untreated. Fortunately, your dentist can spot signs of bruxism during your routine dental checkup and cleaning appointments, and recommend treatment before your teeth suffer too much damage.

Warning Signs of Bruxism

Sensitive Teeth

After a while, relentlessly rubbing your teeth together will wear down the enamel around them, causing your teeth to become gradually more sensitive. You might first notice it when you eat or drink something particularly hot or cold, or when you eat something with a lot of sugar in it.

Excessive tooth wear

As the condition continues, bruxism can cause the chewing surfaces of your teeth to wear down, changing their shape. Besides sensitivity, this can also cause your bite to become imbalanced, since your teeth will no longer meet each other evenly when you bite down. The longer bruxism is left untreated, the worse the damage can become, and you may need more extensive restorative treatment to correct it.

Sore jaw and facial muscles

Because bruxism often occurs at night, many patients report feeling sore, sometimes painful jaw and facial muscles – the same muscles responsible for opening and closing your bite. In some cases, the force of bruxism can even damage your temporomandibular joints (TMJs), which connect your lower jaw to your skull, causing TMJ disorder.

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