Does Your Tooth Need Restorative Treatment?

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Does Your Tooth Need Restorative Treatment?Is your smile in need of restorative treatment to address a dental problem like a cavity or even a cracked tooth? Wondering how you are supposed to know if your smile could be in trouble and in need of professional care? While no two smiles are the same, most people do experience a few symptoms of dental problems. These act as warning signs of issues, and also clues that it could be time for restoration. If you want to enjoy a healthy smile moving forward, pay attention to your smile, and seek help if it could be in need of restorative treatment.

Pay Attention to Changes That Could Be Signs of Trouble

Not all patients experience dental symptoms when suffering from problems such as cavities. That said, in most cases there are some warning signs of trouble. Heightened or moderate sensitivity, for instance, can

If you notice these and seek treatment promptly, you can help protect your tooth from worsening issues over time.

Enjoy Confidence with a Modern Restoration

A great benefit of modern dental restorations is that they have been carefully designed to look natural and also to feel comfortable. Tooth-colored fillings, for instance, can be made of a composite resin material that bonds tightly with teeth and also looks like the natural teeth.

Porcelain crowns are similar in that they too are crafted to blend seamlessly within the smile, while also creating a tight seal against bacteria. Plus, porcelain is similar to natural teeth allowing for easy care and prolonged beauty.

Need Restorative Dental Treatment?

Restorative dentistry can help to improve comfort and beauty. Most importantly, it can prevent dental issues from worsening to the point of infection. You can schedule a restorative consultation with Stephens and Gatewood Dentistry in Spring, TX, by calling 281-320-2000, today.