Dreaming of a Straighter Smile? Consider Cosmetic Braces

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Dreaming of a Straighter Smile? Consider Cosmetic BracesAre you tired of wishing for a straighter smile, instead of finally doing something about it? Have you grown sick of envying the Hollywood stars you see with perfect smiles, or even your friends who were fortunate enough to wear braces as teenagers? You no longer have to choose between spending years in obvious and uncomfortable braces, or settling for a poorly aligned smile. Cosmetic braces make it possible to achieve a straighter smile, without having to spend years with a mouth filled with metal.

Worried About Your Smile’s Alignment?

Whether you are embarrassed by an underbite, overbite or spacing between some of your teeth, cosmetic braces could likely help. While these might seem like primarily cosmetic issues, they can pose functional problems for the smile, as well.

Addressing your alignment issues through cosmetic braces may also be able to improve your comfort when chewing, and reduce or TMJ-related symptoms, as well, since these can be created by poor tooth alignment.

Enjoy Confidence and Comfort During Treatment

Since clear braces rely on a series of clear plastic aligner trays to gradually realign teeth, instead of traditional metal brackets, most people won’t notice that you have started treatment. This means you can continue to smile and laugh, without embarrassment about braces. You can also take the trays out during meals, and also in order to brush and floss, allowing for improved comfort and convenience.

Since the trays can easily be changed out at home, most patients also enjoy fewer dental visits during cosmetic braces treatment, than they would with traditional orthodontia.

Interested in Cosmetic Treatment?

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