Easy Snack Swaps for Healthier Smiles

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Easy Snack Swaps for Healthier SmilesDid you start the year with every intention of taking better care of your health, only to get to March and feel a bit burnt out by all the work involved in making healthy choices? The good news is that when it comes to your smile, swapping sugary foods out for healthier options doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. It just involves consciously choosing foods and products that will aid your oral health, instead of endangering it, the way too much sugar can! Want to avoid cavities that require tooth fillings? It’s time to address that “sweet tooth.”

Try This, Instead of That!

Since the bacteria in the mouth feed upon sugars, it’s important to limit their place in your diet. (Of course, regular preventive dental visits are also important!) So next time you’re tempted to grab something from the vending machine for a snack, consider the healthier options that could be just as fast.

  • If you like something crunchy, like chips, choose fresh veggies instead, which offer a similar crunch but far less salt and sugar. Plus they’re packed with vitamins your body needs.
  • Carrot and celery sticks are great options, and they pair well with either a hummus or a simple ranch dip made from Greek yogurt and fresh spices. You could also snack on colorful, crunch and slightly sweet bell pepper slices.
  • Because vegetables and fruits are often high in water content, they are actually extra beneficial for the smile, which relies on water to help fight plaque buildup!
  • If sweets like candy bars or cookies are your usual snack choice, try pairing almond butter (one with no added sugar) with apple slices, for a subtly sweet snack that will be more filling and healthier all around.
  • You could also add fresh fruit to plain yogurt, for a protein-rich snack without all the added sugars. Even adding a few semisweet chocolate chips to your yogurt can help you enjoy the flavors you love without all the added sugar!
  • Granola bars are a seemingly healthy option, because they tend to be high in protein, which you can need during a long day at the office. Unfortunately, most rely on lots of added sugar to make them flavorful. So, why not take your own baked oat mixture, complete with spices like cinnamon and raisins and nuts, to snack on. It will still be flavorful, but with far less sugar.

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