Have You Lost a Tooth? Prosthetic Options: Part One

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Initially, the loss of a tooth can be a lot of things. For a kid it can mean excitement about feeling more grown up, and anxious anticipation at the arrival of a dollar in its place. But for adults, tooth loss can be a source of great frustration, embarrassment, and general anxiety. “What will I do? How will I smile? Am I going to be able to chew comfortably again?” Prosthetic dentistry provides the answers to these important questions, allowing you to regain function of your smile, and improve its overall appearance. What prosthetic is right for you will depend on a number of factors. Just know that choosing a prosthetic is an important step in regaining your confidence, and improving your oral health.

Dentures and Dental Bridges Offer Fast Solutions

Most people still think of dentures when facing tooth loss, because these remain the most common and affordable option for completing a smile. But dentures aren’t the only way to address tooth loss. Whether you’ve lost a single tooth, had one extracted, or are missing several teeth and unhappy with your current prosthetic, there are a number of wonderful ways to complete your smile.

Dental bridges, for instance, provide more stability than unsupported dentures. That’s because they anchor a replacement tooth (or teeth) with dental crowns affixed to healthy teeth adjacent to the gap. In this way, the bridge can help keep your prosthetic comfortably in place. Plus, it can be natural-looking thanks to porcelain crowns’ ability to blend well with natural teeth.

Dental bridges can also be used with partial dentures, and even in conjunction with a dental implant!

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