How Can I Better Prevent Cavities?

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How Can I Better Prevent Cavities?If you have suffered with dental decay in the past, then you know how uncomfortable cavities can be. You also know that they can leave teeth deeply discolored, and you suddenly feeling insecure about your smile. Fortunately, most cavities can be corrected with quick and simple treatment, like dental fillings. Better yet, though, you can help to prevent future cavities by taking a few simple steps to better protect your smile.

Brush and Floss Everyday

One simple yet effective way to help protect the teeth is to commit to diligent dental hygiene. This is not time consuming, but it is important. While most adults do brush their teeth at least once a day, here is what preventive dentists recommend:

  • Brush at least twice a day, for two minutes each time, using a non-abrasive toothpaste. Using too harsh a paste can actually damage the enamel.
  • Flossing is also important, because it removes bacteria that can fall between the teeth, where toothbrush bristles can’t reach. Flossing shouldn’t be uncomfortable. In fact, if it irritates your gums, it could be because you are already suffering from gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease.

Drink Less Sugar, and Eat Healthy Foods

What you eat and drink will also impact your oral health. If you want to prevent cavities, try to stick to mostly healthy foods and you should definitely limit your sugar intake. The more sugar you consume, the more the bacteria in the mouth can produce and then calcify onto teeth, creating problems for both teeth and the gums.

Drinking water is also critical, since it helps produce saliva, the body’s natural defense against tartar buildup.

Visit the Dentist at Least Twice a Year

Finally, to prevent cavities, you should visit the dentist at least twice a year for preventive checkups and cleanings. That said, if you seem particularly susceptible to cavities, you may need to visit the dentist even more frequently for adequate protection.

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