Is ClearCorrect the Solution for Your Smile?

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Is ClearCorrect the Solution for Your Smile?Have you spent years wishing that you would have worn braces as a teenager so that you could be enjoying a beautiful, straight smile now? Or, did you wear braces many years ago, then fail to wear your retainer? If so, are you now suffering from teeth that have become misaligned all over again? Teeth that are slightly overlapping or with minor gaps between them, can cause a great deal of embarrassment and insecurity. Fortunately, ClearCorrect offers an alternative to traditional braces, one that can help to straighten your teeth without many of the side effects associated with typical orthodontia. So if you are ready for a straighter smile, why not talk to your cosmetic dentist about whether ClearCorrect could help you?

Have You Always Been Bothered by Misalignment?

If you are bothered by misalignment of your teeth, have you considered how your dentist could help? ClearCorrect provides an alternative to traditional metal braces that offers a number of potential benefits. For instance:

·      Since ClearCorrect uses clear plastic aligner trays, most people won’t recognize that you are wearing braces at all.

·      The plastic trays also eliminate the fear of cutting oneself on broken metal brackets. Many patients also find the trays more comfortable in general.

·      Since the trays can be easily removed it is easy to keep up daily dental hygiene. This can lead to healthier teeth during and after treatment.

·      Removable trays also allow for more comfortable chewing. Though the trays should be worn at least 20 hours a day for best results, this still allows for them to be removed to enjoy snacks and meals without discomfort or worry that something will become stuck.

Want to Know if ClearCorrect Could Help You?

Are you hoping to achieve a straighter smile? You can schedule a cosmetic consultation with Stephens and Gatewood Dentistry in Spring, TX, by calling 281-320-2000, today.