Is It Time You Sought Restorative Dentistry?

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Is It Time You Sought Restorative Dentistry?When was the last time you enjoyed a meal without discomfort or tooth pain getting in the way? Has it been months, yet it feels like ages? Even heightened sensitivity can make it difficult to enjoy one’s meals, along with snacks and even beverages. Fortunately, in many cases, dental problems can be addressed quickly and comfortably through modern restorations. So if you are ready to stop struggling with dental pain, and to get back to enjoying your smile, talk to your restorative dentist about how modern treatment could help!

Are There Signs of Dental Problems?

One great way to help protect your smile is by paying attention to any negative changes in your smile. For instance, heightened or sudden dental sensitivity can be indication that the enamel has been eroded away. This is because the layer of tooth beneath the enamel is more sensitive. When it becomes exposed, either due to trauma or acidic erosion, a person can experience increased sensitivity or downright pain.

Discoloration is another common indicator that the enamel has been compromised. This could include either white patches on the surface of the teeth, or grey or dark lines along the teeth’s crevices.

How Can Restoration Help?

In the case of cavities, dental fillings are often recommended. These can be placed quickly, and yet they offer durable protection against exposure to bacteria, which could lead to infection. Composite resin fillings are also prized because they look more natural and conduct less heat than metal, making them more comfortable for many patients.

Porcelain crowns are another great restorative option, one that is commonly used when teeth have become damaged, or been treated for infection. Dental crowns are durable and stain-resistant, allowing patients to enjoy natural-looking restorations for many years.

Does Your Smile Need Restoration?

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