Is Your Smile In Need of Dental Treatment?

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Is Your Smile In Need of Dental Treatment?Do you ever wonder whether you would even know if you were suffering from a cavity or other dental problem? Sadly, nearly 90 percent of the adults in America and close to 30 percent of the school-aged children in the country will suffer from dental decay. Cavities and other issues are preventable though, with proper dental care. If you do suspect you could be suffering from a problem, though, seeking prompt restorative treatment is key to saving your teeth and improving your comfort!

Are You Watching for Warning Signs?

Though not all patients experience noticeable symptoms when suffering from dental problems like cavities, most do notice changes in their smile, if they are paying attention. Heightened sensitivity when eating or drinking, for instance, can indicate that the enamel has been eroded or even damaged. Even deep discoloration, like white patches on the teeth or grey lines along the crevices, can be indication of problems like cavities.

If you notice negative changes, it’s best to schedule a restorative consultation. When problems are caught and treated early, minimally invasive treatment can usually help to restore comfort and prevent infection and worsening issues.

What Treatments Can Help Your Smile?

Tooth fillings and dental crowns are two of the most commonly prescribed forms of restorative dentistry. Both help to seal fragile or damaged teeth against further wear, exposure to bacteria that could lead to infection, and also help to improve comfort by eliminating the possibility of foods and drinks reaching the interior of the tooth. Plus, thanks to modern advancements, both can look natural and feel comfortable, allowing for confidence when smiling and eating.

Want to Avoid the Need for Extensive Care?

Prompt restoration can mean the difference between needing a simple filling and root canal therapy to address decay. If you suspect your smile is in trouble, call Stephens and Gatewood Dentistry on Cypresswood Drive at 281-320-2000. Located in Spring, TX, we also proudly serve the residents of Houston, The Woodlands, Tomball, Cypress, and all surrounding communities.