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Summer is an exciting time for kids and parents alike. Longer days mean more time to spend with friends and family, and whether you plan to spend that time exploring the world, or simply cooking out in your own backyard, don’t you want to be ready to show off a beautiful, bright smile this summer? If so, now is a great time to schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist. There are actually a number of procedures that could quickly enhance your smile’s natural beauty, just in time for summer adventures!  

Could Cosmetic Bonding Be Just What Your Smile Needs?

Professional whitening has long been one of the most common forms of cosmetic dentistry, and it can help lighten teeth, creating a younger-looking smile. But if you have issues beyond simple discoloration, you might have thought that porcelain veneers were your only option.

Fortunately, cosmetic bonding provides a faster and more affordable alternative to veneers, one that can leave you with a great-looking smile in very little time! Bonding involves sculpting composite resin onto the teeth, to hide imperfections. Once hardened through the use of a special light, the resin creates a beautiful, natural-looking and durable smile enhancement.

The bonding can be completed by the dentist, in office, instead of requiring custom enhancements be crafted elsewhere. This helps keep the cost low and it often takes less than an hour to complete, and costs considerably less than having porcelain veneers crafted.

That said, bonding, like veneers, can be used to address:

  • Small or seemingly misshapen teeth
  • Permanent staining or discoloration, when stains are intrinsic professional whitening cannot treat them
  • Jagged edges, or noticeable wear, caused by years of use, or potentially bruxism (subconscious teeth grinding)
  • Minor gaps between the teeth, which are purely of cosmetic concern

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