Need Some Smile-healthy Snack Ideas for Your Kids?

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Need Some Smile-healthy Snack Ideas for Your Kids?Do your kids come home from school seemingly starving? Are you tired of handing them crackers and cookies that you know aren’t good for their smiles? There are a number of healthy snack options that can be good for your kids’ smiles and their overall health. Best of all, they’re delicious! So next time you head to the store, instead of stocking up on the usual fruit snacks and candy-filled items, consider these dentist-approved alternatives instead?

Avoid Sugary Treats Which Can Lead to Cavities

Sugar is one of the leading causes of cavities, because the bacteria in the mouth feed upon it. The more sugar your kids are consuming, either in their foods or their drinks, the more likely they are to develop dental cavities. Fortunately, there are lots of healthier alternatives to packaged goods and sweets that are so high in sugar.

Give Nutrient-Rich Items to Hungry Kids

Fresh vegetables and fruits are obviously some of the most nutritious options you can feed your kids. Fortunately, many are surprisingly kid-friendly, especially if you know how to present them.

  • Baby carrots and celery sticks are highly nutritious. They’re also crunchy and colorful, which kids tend to love. To add flavor, consider whipping up a healthy dip, such as a homemade ranch made from protein-rich Greek yogurt, hummus, or peanut butter, which pairs well with both celery and apple slices.
  • Fruits can help to satisfy a sweet tooth, plus many are actually surprisingly low in sugar. Best of all, they are also high in water content, which is great for the smile. They are also highly portable, making them great for last-minute breakfasts, or afterschool snacks.
  • Lean proteins and healthy fats are also smile-friendly and filling!
  • To protect your kids’ smiles, you should also make sure they’re drinking plenty of water. Water helps to create saliva, which is a natural defense against tartar buildup. Plus, avoiding sugary beverages like sodas and even many fruit juices is important to prolonging oral health.

Want to Protect Your Smile?

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