Root Canal Treatment vs. Tooth Extraction

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You may be less than excited to learn that you may need root canal treatment, and many patients wonder if it would be better to simply extract the tooth. Since the point of root canal treatment is to eliminate the spread of tooth infection, removing the decayed tooth should be equally beneficial. The truth, though, is that restorative treatment is about more than just removing threats to your dental health; it’s also about helping you preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. To that end, root canal treatment is always a better option then tooth extraction (unless it’s too late to save the tooth and extraction becomes necessary).

The Specifics of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment sounds invasive because it involves accessing the interior chamber of your tooth (called the pulp) and the root canal that connects to it. Yet the procedure is straight-forward, and in many cases, can be completed in just one visit, with minimal discomfort. Root canal treatment describes cleaning the bacteria and infected tissues from your tooth’s pulp, then cleaning and sealing the tooth’s root canal. Then, your dentist will fill the cavity in the main structure of your tooth and cap the tooth with a lifelike dental crown to ensure its protection.

Why Extraction Should Be a Last Resort

When a tooth is too severely infected for root canal treatment to save it, then extraction may be the only way to protect your oral health. However, if your tooth can be saved, then preserving it is always the better option. Losing a tooth can have negative impacts on your oral health and your bite’s balance. Surrounding teeth can shift towards the gap to take up the slack, and the loss of your tooth’s root can cause your jawbone to gradually weaken in that area.

Find Out if You Need Root Canal Treatment

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