Shocked to Lose a Tooth In Your Twenties? Your Dentist Can Help

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Shocked to Lose a Tooth In Your Twenties? Your Dentist Can HelpDid you used to think tooth loss was only a problem faced by kids, or senior adults, until you lost one yourself or had to have one extracted? Sadly, many young people will also deal with the many complicated emotions that can accompany adult tooth loss, such as embarrassment, frustration, and even uncertainty about how the smile will look and feel moving forward. The good news is that, whatever the cause of your tooth loss, a prosthetic dentist can help you to complete your smile, and that means you can get back to smiling confidently and chewing comfortably, like you did before losing a tooth.

Aging Isn’t the Only Cause of Adult Tooth Loss

While it’s true, that many adults experience tooth loss after years of dental decay and other side effects of aging, the leading cause of adult tooth loss is actually gum disease, a chronic condition that affects millions of the adults in America. Gum disease causes the tissue to become inflamed, and eventually to separate from the teeth.

Other causes of tooth loss include trauma to a tooth, infection too advanced to be treated with root canal therapy.

How a Dentist Can Help Complete Your Smile

While dentures remain one of the most popular ways to complete a smile, many young people are looking for more permanent and stable solutions than unsupported dentures. Fortunately, dental implants are a great solution, one that uses mimic tooth roots to most comprehensively address the tooth loss.

In fact, dental implants are the only form of dental prostheses that replaces both a missing tooth and the root, allowing a person to chew confidently and also to enjoy many years with their beautiful restoration, since the mimic root is designed to last a lifetime.

Need to Complete Your Smile?

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