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Smile Again with a Modern Dental RestorationDoes it feel like decades since you last felt truly proud of your smile? If so, is it because of obvious problems like excessive wear or chips, or even pain that has been caused by acidic erosion? Over time, many patients will find themselves struggling with dental problems such as chips, cracks or cavities. Others will become frustrated with obvious-looking and uncomfortable dental restorations. Fortunately, modern dental treatment provides a number of ways to address new issues and outdated restorations. Perhaps best of all, they can do so seamlessly and with beautiful results!

Don’t Suffer from Ongoing Discomfort

One of the most obvious signs that the smile needs restoration is discomfort. Even heightened sensitivity when trying to enjoy foods or drinks is a common warning sign of a burgeoning dental issue, such as a cavity.

Deep discoloration can be another indication that the enamel has been damaged. Fortunately, restorative dental treatment can improve comfort and the appearance of the smile.

Enjoy Natural-looking and Comfortable Solutions

With modern restorative options available, it is possible to enjoy your smile again even after dental problems and the subsequent treatment. Tooth-colored dental fillings, for instance, are created to help seal teeth against further erosion. They do so with natural-looking results, since the composite resin material can be sculpted to match natural teeth.

Porcelain dental crowns are another seamless solution, which offer even longer-lasting beauty thanks to the stain resistant properties of dental-grade porcelain. Many patients can enjoy their porcelain crowns for more than ten years, with proper care.

Ready to Update Your Smile?

Modern dental restorations can help to improve the smile. If you are in need of restorative treatment, call Stephens and Gatewood Dentistry on Cypresswood Drive at 281-320-2000. Located in Spring, TX, we also proudly serve the residents of Houston, The Woodlands, Tomball, Cypress, and all surrounding communities.