Suffering from Tooth Pain? It’s Time to See the Dentist: Part One

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Suffering from Tooth Pain? It’s Time to See the Dentist: Part OneHave you spent several weeks or even months avoiding many of your favorite foods, because of how much discomfort they now cause you? When you are experiencing heightened sensitivity, discomfort or pain, it is often because of a dental problem, like a cavity or even an infection. The good news is that restorative treatment could help end your discomfort and actually improve your oral health. The key is to see your dentist as quickly as possible, to determine the cause of your discomfort, and to treat it appropriately.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms of Decay or Damage

While the teeth are one of the strongest parts of the body, and actually one of the strongest substances on the earth, they lack the ability to repair themselves. This means that when they have become damaged by decay, wear, or trauma, the issues created are only likely to worsen over time, without proper treatment.

To avoid further discomfort, and also to prevent the possibility of infection, it’s important to seek restorative treatment at the first sign of trouble, rather than delaying a dental visit. Wondering what issues could be indictors of dental problems?

  • Deep discoloration, grey lines along the crevices of teeth, or even white patches on the surface of the teeth’s enamel, can all be signs of enamel erosion
  • Sensitivity, especially if it seems to be getting more extreme, or if you experience discomfort when eating can be warning signs of dental problems
  • Pain is often a symptom of a deep cavity or even an infection
  • Bleeding or inflamed gums can also be indicators that the oral health is in jeopardy
  • Prompt restorative treatment, like a crown or filling, can prevent these and other issues from growing worse over time, which could eventually require either root canal therapy to address infection or even extraction to stop the spread of infection

Ready to Address Dental Problems?

Dental issues worsen over time, if left untreated. Fortunately, restorative dentistry can help! Call Stephens and Gatewood Dentistry on Cypresswood Drive at 281-320-2000 to schedule a restorative consultation. Located in Spring, TX, we also proudly serve the residents of Houston, The Woodlands, Tomball, Cypress, and all surrounding communities.