Want to Get Your Kids Excited About Oral Health? Try This App!

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Want to Get Your Kids Excited About Oral Health? Try This App!Over the last decade, pediatric dentists have noted a sharp rise in dental cavities in children. Approximately 40 percent of the kids in America will be diagnosed with cavities before they even turn twelve-years-old. This is particularly troubling since nearly 20 percent of those cavities are actually in permanent teeth. Put simply, the choices a person makes in childhood can have long-term repercussions on his or her oral and overall health. Fortunately, if you want to help your kids make smart decisions about their dental care, and in general, there are more resources available now than ever before. They aim to help both parents and educators in their quest to raise healthy kids with beautiful smiles and bright futures. In fact, one new app is helping to teach kids about the danger sugar poses to their smiles, and how they can protect their precious pearly whites!

What Can An App Do for Dental Health?

Dr. Diane Buyer has spent decades serving as a pediatric dentist. And like many, she has been troubled in recent years by the rise in childhood cavities. Fortunately, she chose to do something about it, by helping to create an app called Drinks Destroy Teeth, which helps use games and other fun, kid-friendly activities to teach kids about the danger in drinking sugar-filled drinks, both from an oral health perspective and also out of general health concerns.

Though targeted for kids, the app is also filled with helpful educational resources, including lesson plans, that can be used by teachers, parents, mentors and others who have a chance to teach kids healthy habits.

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