Want to Replace a Tooth Securely? Consider a Dental Bridge or Implant!

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Want to Replace a Tooth Securely? Consider a Dental Bridge or Implant!If you have suffered from adult tooth loss, then you know all too well how that can alter far more than just a person’s smile. It can negatively impact one’s self-confidence and sense of self-esteem, as well. It can also pose problems when trying to chew, since incomplete smiles rarely function as well as complete smiles. Fortunately, modern dental restorations make it possible to address tooth loss with natural-looking and comfortable results. So if you are ready to complete your smile, or to update an ill-fitting prostheses, why not talk to your dentist about the modern prostheses available to help complete your smile both beautifully and functionally.

Dentures Can Be Anchored

While unsupported partial and full dentures remain a popular form of prostheses, they are hardly the only option or even the best one, for many patients. Though dentures adhesives can be used to temporarily hold these pieces in place, dental bridges and dental implants provide more long-term solutions.

Bridges and Implants Are Particularly Secure

Dental bridges use dental crowns to help hold a replacement tooth, like a partial denture, in place. The crowns are simply affixed to remaining teeth, in order to help stabilize the prostheses. In the case of total tooth loss, bridges can still be used. They are simply stabilized through the use of dental implants, instead of remaining teeth.

Implants are unique in that they are the only prostheses able to replace a missing tooth and its corresponding tooth root. The root helps to naturally stabilize a tooth, but it also serves another important function, and that is to supply nutrients to the jaw as one chews. Implants work to serve both these same purposes, helping to give patients the most comprehensive form of smile completion available. Plus, they piece used to mimic the tooth root is designed to last a lifetime, making dental implants the most long-lasting restoration option, as well.

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