What Can Be Done About My Uncomfortable Filling?

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What Can Be Done About My Uncomfortable Filling?If you were diagnosed with a cavity several years ago, chances are you were fitted with a metal amalgam filing. These fillings were once common, both because of their durability and their affordability. Unfortunately, many patients found them uncomfortable. Since metal is a high conductor of heat, a metal restoration can create discomfort while chewing or drinking, especially hot items. Of course, many people also felt insecure knowing their dental restorations were easily spotted, because they were made of shiny metal. Fortunately, modern dental fillings can be made of a sleeker and often more comfortable material than traditional metal fillings. Perhaps best of all, if you are ready to update an ill-fitting or unattractive restoration, your dentist could help.

Old Fillings Can Be Updated

Not all metal fillings need to be replaced, but there are many cases that might cause a dentist to recommend an update. Over the course of many years, the smile can change, and bacteria may eventually find its way beneath a filling, where it can cause further erosion or even infection. In these cases, an existing filing may need to be filed away, and a new filling or a crown placed.

In the case of cosmetic concerns or discomfort, dentists may also recommend removing an old filling, and then restoring the teeth with a more seamless option, like a modern composite resin tooth filling or even a porcelain dental crown.

Don’t Delay Restorative Treatment

If you suspect you could currently be suffering from a cavity or other dental problem, don’t delay a trip to the dentist. Prompt restorative treatment is the best way to prevent worsening issues, including infection.

Could You Update Your Smile with a New Tooth Filling?

If you are interested in learning how a modern tooth filling could update your smile’s appearance, and improve your comfort, call call Stephens and Gatewood Dentistry in Spring, TX,  today at 281-320-2000.