What To Do In A Dental Emergency

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“Keep Calm And Carry On” is good general advice, but it won’t always work in a dental emergency. Keeping calm isn’t easy for most of us when a filling comes out or a toothache throbs all night. Dental emergencies make it hard to carry on as usual. If the problem or accident arises during office hours, call your dental office for expert advice. Some dentists are on call on nights and weekends, and can be reached outside of office hours. Restorative dentistry can restore your smile when an accident occurs.

If You Lose A Filling

  • Call your dental office and follow their instructions
  • Keep any pieces you find and bring them with you. Small pieces of fillings are usually not harmful if accidentally swallowed.
  • Swish the area with warm water
  • Try not to eat on that side

If You Break or Chip A Tooth

  • Call your dental office and follow their instructions
  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever if needed
  • Try not to eat on that side
  • A small chip can often be invisibly repaired with dental filling or bonding
  • A larger break (for example, on a back molar) may need a crown, to support and repair the damaged tooth.

If A Tooth Is Knocked Loose or Knocked Out

  • Call your dental office and follow their instructions
  • Try to keep the tooth in place
  • If was knocked completely out, rinse it quickly if needed (for just 5-10 seconds) in warm water, and try to replace it in the socket
  • If the tooth cannot be replaced, store it in your saliva, warm mild salt water, in milk or in tooth preservation solution, if you have that handy.

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