What’s Different About Professional Teeth Whitening?

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What’s Different About Professional Teeth Whitening?Do you look in the mirror and immediately fixate on how old your smile looks? If so, is it deep staining that is to blame? Over the years, many people notice their teeth starting to look yellow, brown, gray, or simply dingy. That is because the teeth’s enamel is porous, which means it can be affected by the foods you eat and especially the things you drink. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening makes it possible to drastically lighten teeth, allowing for increased confidence when smiling. Are you ready to find out what professional cosmetic treatment could do for your smile?

Have You Been Unhappy with Over-the-Counter Products?

There seem to be more and more over-the-counter dental care products available each day, that claim to lighten teeth. Yet many of these products are only designed to lighten teeth gradually over time, and often with extended periods of use. Toothpaste, for instance, spends so little time in contact with the teeth, that it is not the most effective way to create dramatic whitening.

How Can Professional Whitening Help?

Professional whitening is different, because it uses prescription-grade whitening agents that have been found to be both safe and effective at breaking up surface stains, and revealing whiter teeth. For many patients, this means enjoying smiles that are up to eight shades lighter following professional treatment.

Of course, another benefit of seeking cosmetic dental treatment is that it comes with the expertise of your dentist. This is particularly beneficial if the cause of your teeth’s stains turns out to be either intrinsic, permanent, or caused by a dental problem that could actually require restorative treatment. Some stains can be indication of a cavity, for instance. In these cases, a tooth-colored filling is what is needed to save the tooth, and also to improve the smile’s comfort.

Want to Enjoy a Brighter Smile?

Cosmetic dentistry can help to enhance the smile’s natural beauty. You can schedule teeth whitening or a cosmetic consultation with Stephens and Gatewood Dentistry in Spring, TX, by calling 281-320-2000, today.