Why Are There White Spots on My Teeth?

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Why Are There White Spots on My Teeth?Most people desire beautiful white smiles. Healthy and dazzling teeth can make a great first impression, and a lasting one too. But if you’ve recently noticed white spots on the surface of some of your teeth, it could be due to enamel erosion or demineralization. The teeth’s enamel is one of the strongest substances on earth, and the toughest one in the human body. However, it is porous, which means that over time the foods and drinks you enjoy can begin to erode away the tooth’s outer layer. Eventually this can reveal the more sensitive layer beneath it, which is called the dentin. At this point you might experience heightened tooth sensitivity, since the dentin is less tough than the enamel. You might also notice white spots though, which are good indicators it’s time for a dental visit!

What Causes Discoloration of Teeth?

When the enamel has eroded away, discoloration is a common warning sign. Some people notice white patches on the surface of teeth, while others may experience grey or dark lines, especially along the crevices of teeth. This discoloration is often an indicator that a dental cavity has developed.

In some cases, a dental cleaning may be all that is necessary to restore the smile’s health, and to protect the teeth from further acidic erosion. In the case of cavities, though, a dental filling may be necessary to protect the damaged tooth.

Fortunately, modern dental fillings can be made of a composite resin material that looks natural and conducts less heat than metal, allowing for both comfort and confidence when smiling and chewing.

Can Cosmetic Improvements Be Made?

If your dentist determines the discoloration to be primarily cosmetic in nature, he or she may recommend professional cosmetic treatment, like teeth whitening to even out the shading of the teeth, and to improve the overall brightness of your smile. Cosmetic bonding could also be used to help hide any permanent discolorations.