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April 27, 2017
Ouch! Are you no longer able to enjoy snacks, meals, or even your morning cup of coffee without pesky tooth pain getting in the way? When brushing your teeth, have you noticed white patches on the surface of some of your teeth, or even dark grey or black lines along the crevices of some of your... Read Full Post
April 26, 2017
Do you ever find yourself dreaming of a brighter or more beautiful smile when you flip through the pages of your favorite magazines? When you watch TV or movies, are you more interested in the stars’ smiles than the plot of the stories? If so, it could be because your own smile insecurities are... Read Full Post
April 26, 2017
Are you suffering from an incomplete smile ever since you lost a tooth unexpectedly? Whether it was caused by trauma, decay, gum disease or something else, the good news it that prosthetic dentistry can help you complete your smile both functionally and cosmetically. If you want to improve your... Read Full Post
April 25, 2017
Do you ever find yourself wondering, but too embarrassed to ask, whether it is really that important that you see the dentist regularly? Many adults feel tempted to skip regular cleanings, in order to save money, time or simply because they don’t think they are all that necessary. Unfortunately,... Read Full Post
April 25, 2017
Are you tired of feeling embarrassed by the misalignment of your teeth? Tired of wishing you had worn braces as a teenager, but not actually doing anything to address the problems now? If you would love a straighter smile, but have hesitated to talk to your dentist because you don’t want to be the... Read Full Post
April 24, 2017
Is your favorite part of your day when you pour yourself a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning? Perhaps it is hitting the drive thru for an afternoon soda, or sweet tea? At the gym, do you enjoy grabbing a sports drink to quench your thirst? How often do you meet friends after work for... Read Full Post
April 24, 2017
Have you found yourself avoiding certain foods lately, because it’s difficult to chew ever since you suffered from tooth loss? Do you avoid taking photos with family and friends, ever since you had to have a tooth extracted? An incomplete smile can create a number of frustrations, both... Read Full Post
April 21, 2017
Do you ever find yourself flipping through fashion magazines, paying more attention to the models’ smiles than the clothes they’re trying to sell? If you find yourself fixating on other people’s smiles, could it be because your own smile isn’t looking how you would like? If you feel bothered by... Read Full Post
April 21, 2017
Are you having a hard time enjoying meals, lately, because of dental discomfort? Have you noticed deep discoloration on some of your teeth, like grey lines along their crevices? If so, these could be warning signs of dental decay like cavities. You could even be struggling with teeth that have... Read Full Post
April 20, 2017
Are you tired of wishing for a straighter smile, instead of finally doing something about it? Have you grown sick of envying the Hollywood stars you see with perfect smiles, or even your friends who were fortunate enough to wear braces as teenagers? You no longer have to choose between spending... Read Full Post