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March 16, 2017
Do you hate to see your own smile, either in photographs or in the mirror each morning? Is it because of noticeable imperfections, like inconsistencies in the size or shape of your teeth, deep discoloration, or even minor gaps between some of the teeth? You might think that several extensive... Read Full Post
March 16, 2017
When was the last time you enjoyed a meal without discomfort or tooth pain getting in the way? Has it been months, yet it feels like ages? Even heightened sensitivity can make it difficult to enjoy one’s meals, along with snacks and even beverages. Fortunately, in many cases, dental problems can be... Read Full Post
March 15, 2017
Are you tired of wishing you could hide your smile, because of noticeable misalignment of your teeth? Are you getting sick of actively avoiding photo opportunities, from selfies out with friends to formal photos at your cousin’s wedding, all because of the visible problems with your teeth? Worse... Read Full Post
March 14, 2017
Is your favorite part of waking up, pouring a piping hot cup of coffee, or making a stop by the nearest coffee shop for an overpriced latte? If so, that habit could be taking a toll on more than just your wallet. Over time, acidic drinks like coffee and also many sodas, can start to erode your... Read Full Post
March 14, 2017
Do you often notice your gums bleeding when you brush or floss? Have you noticed that they look discolored, or even inflamed? What about your breath? Has it been bad, lately, no matter how often you brush? Did you know that these are all warning signs of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease?... Read Full Post
March 13, 2017
Have you spent way too much time in a dentist’s chair getting treatment for cavities that you know could be prevented with better care? While cavities are incredibly common and often easy to address through a dental filling, it is generally possible to prevent them in the first place, with proper... Read Full Post
March 13, 2017
When was the last time you really liked the smile staring back at you when you looked in the mirror? What is stopping you from enjoying confidence in your smile, now? Is it deep staining or discoloration of your teeth, inconsistencies in the size or shape of some of the teeth, or even minor gaps... Read Full Post
March 10, 2017
Are you having a hard time enjoying meals, snacks or even sips of your favorite beverages lately, because of discomfort that seems isolated to a single or even several teeth? If so, it could be due to an undiagnosed dental cavity. Sadly, almost 90 percent of the adults in America will be diagnosed... Read Full Post
March 09, 2017
As a parent, it can sometimes feel stressful trying to determine what your kids really need in order to grow up healthy and happy. It can feel even more daunting helping them make the choices necessary to stay healthy, as they age. When it comes to smile care, it can be particularly confusing.... Read Full Post
March 09, 2017
When was the last time you slept through the night without being awoken not by your child’s crying but your partner’s snoring? Millions of Americans are guilty of loud snoring, which over time can lead to sleeping problems for much of a household. Sadly, snoring can actually be much more than an... Read Full Post