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Emergency dentists in Spring, Houston, The Woodlands, TexasDental emergencies can be quite frightening and leave you wondering whether you need a dentist or a physician. Most tooth issues and mouth injuries can be safely treated in our Spring, Texas office, and we are available to help. Whether you have tooth or jaw pain or have lost a tooth, our general and restorative dentists can help make sure you maintain a beautiful smile.

If you believe you or a loved one has a dental emergency, please contact Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry in Houston immediately at (281) 320-2000. Our dentists are on call 24/7 and can meet you at our office anytime—even 3am on a Saturday if necessary.

There are many forms of dental emergencies such as:

  • A Loose Tooth: Adults should never have loose teeth. If you have one or more that seem to be shifting, come into our office as soon as possible to avoid losing the tooth. You may have severe gum disease causing the problem, or it could be a recent facial injury causing the tooth to move.
  • A Missing Tooth: You should seek immediate help from our emergency dentist if you’ve lost a tooth. Call our office using the number listed above, and try to place the tooth back in the socket to avoid exposure to outside bacteria. You may also put the tooth in milk. It’s essential to replace missing teeth because your jaw bone will quickly begin to degrade, your remaining teeth will shift to fill the gap, and you’ll inevitably lose more teeth.
  • Severe Tooth or Mouth Pain: Don’t ignore pain or discomfort in your mouth. It could be a sign of an abscessed (infected) tooth, which may need to be extracted. The infection could spread through your bloodstream and put your overall health in danger.
  • Jaw Pain: Pain in your jaw may or may not be a dental emergency. It could also be a warning sign of a TMJ disorder (TMD), which occurs when your temporomandibular joints located on either side of your jaw that connect your jaw bone to your skull are misaligned. This could be a pre-existing issue or be caused by an injury. Jaw pain accompanied by clicking or popping, ringing ears, among other symptoms is a big indicator of TMD.
  • A Swollen Mouth or Cheek: This is one instance where you can come to our office or seek help from a physician. You may have an infection as we mentioned above and may require a root canal. If you still have your wisdom teeth, they could be the culprit as well.

Contact Our Emergency Dentists in Spring, Texas 

These are just a few examples of dental problems that need to be addressed immediately. If you’re not sure if you need to see an emergency dentist, call our office at (281) 320-2000. We serve patients in the Houston, Cypress and The Woodlands areas of Texas.