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Your gum tissues surround the roots of your teeth, but they serve as more than just protection: They also outline your teeth, providing a frame for your entire smile.

Cosmetic gum contouring describes trimming excessive and uneven gum tissues that interrupt the symmetry of your smile. While the procedure involves minor oral surgery, our dentists can often utilize laser technology to perform gum contouring with enhanced precision and minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

Laser Treatment for Gummy Smile | Spring, Conroe, WoodlandsFor more information about correcting a "gummy smile" with minimally invasive lasers, please call Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry at 281-320-2000 today.

Is Gum Contouring Right for You?

If your uneven gums are a cosmetic issue, then gum contouring may be the best (and only necessary) option. If, however, your gums are receding or exhibit gingivitis or gum disease, then you may require periodontal therapy to return your gums to good health.

If you do require gum contouring, then the benefits of choosing laser treatment include:

  • Little or no bleeding (the heat of the laser cauterizes the tissue)
  • Quicker, more comfortable treatment
  • No need for sutures
  • Increased precision, and therefore more cosmetically appealing results

If you’re unhappy with the shape and symmetry of your gums, then find out more about how cosmetic gum contouring can improve your smile’s health and appearance. Schedule a free consultation with one of our cosmetic and general dentists by calling 281-320-2000 today!