We all know what a stellar smile can do for your confidence. The brightest smiles can light up a room – you make a grand entrance everywhere. People are drawn to you. You aren’t afraid to speak in front of others or attend a dinner party with friends. But what if you are missing one or several teeth? This can damper how you feel about your smile, and your self-esteem can suffer. Luckily, the best tooth replacement option in Spring, Texas, can restore your smile back to its youthful luster.

A dental implant is a titanium screw surgically placed into your jawbone with an artificial, fully-functional tooth placed on top. Not only do dental implants in Spring, TX, look like your natural teeth, but they function like them as well. You can eat, laugh, and speak without worrying about a gap in your smile or your implants falling out. Spring, Texas, dental implants can restore your smile for aesthetic purposes and support your dental health. Here are five of the ways dental implants can help to improve your oral wellness – while improving your smile:

1. Cavity Prevention

If you are missing a tooth, the teeth surrounding that gap will shift towards that open space. If your teeth shift, you increase your risk of tooth decay. This is because if your teeth are misaligned, there is more area you cannot reach that will collect bacteria and food. This will cause more plaque to collect, and your chances of developing a cavity skyrocket. Dental implants fill in that gap in your mouth, decreasing your risk of future cavities.

2. Improve Your Nutrition

Missing teeth can cause you to miss out on some of the food you love – and as a result – some of the nutrients your body truly needs. Gaps in your smile may limit your chewing ability to softer foods, which can severely limit your intake of daily vitamins and minerals. One of the benefits of dental implants in Spring, Texas, is that replacing missing teeth allows you to eat various foods and textures, providing your body with the balanced nutrition it needs and improving your overall wellness. Dental implants can help you get your bite back.

3. Jaw Preservation

Your jawbone needs pressure and stimulation from your tooth roots to remain healthy. Otherwise – if teeth are missing – the body will begin to reabsorb the jawbone because it believes the nutrients could be better used elsewhere. This can not only affect the state of your jaw but can give your face a sunken look. Dental implants replace those missing teeth, keeping your jaw stimulated and your face youthful.

4. Retain Your Remaining Teeth

Unlike other tooth replacement options – your Spring, Texas, implant dentist does not have to damage the surrounding teeth at all to place the implant. Dental implants allow you to replace missing teeth while also preserving the natural teeth that surround those gaps. This lets you keep your natural teeth healthy while sporting a brand-new smile.

5. Prevent Future Tooth Loss

Receiving dental implants in Spring, Texas, can help you to prevent your other natural teeth from falling out. If you leave gaps in your smile, the surrounding tooth can tilt towards that opening and become loose and fall out as a result. Filling those gaps with dental implants helps to keep your tooth roots solid and strong.

Smile Confidently With Spring, Texas, Dental Implants

Missing teeth can be a confidence killer – but they can also affect your overall oral health. Spring, Texas, dental implants can be the game-changer you are looking for. Dental implants can fill in the gaps and set you up for a bill of good dental health.

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