Chances are, you aren’t thrilled about visiting your dentist. No one likes their mouth to be poked and prodded, and it wouldn’t be surprising if you loathed the sound of the dental drill. Even so, we know that going to your twice-yearly dental checkups in Spring, Texas, is necessary to maintaining your oral health – as well as any other necessary dental procedures. But what if your slight anxiety about visiting the dentist has become a full-blown fear? This isn’t an uncommon scenario – and you are definitely not alone.

Whether you have mild anxiety about visiting the dentist or have dentophobia – this can greatly affect how you approach your oral health. You may feel anxious about a dental procedure, dental instruments, or simply walking into the dentist’s office environment. This can cause you to avoid necessary appointments and procedures. A specific branch of dentistry – called sedation dentistry – has been helping patients with dental anxiety ease their stress and get comfortable while sitting in the dentist’s chair. It can be life-changing if you avoid the dentist like the plague.

What Is Spring, TX, Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry in Spring, TX, involves administering calming medication to patients before a dental procedure so they can feel calm and relaxed. Sedation dentistry is a perfect option for you if you have to undergo a lengthy, in-depth dental procedure or if you merely have more severe dental anxiety and can’t relax through a general checkup or cleaning.

Sedation Dentistry in Spring Benefits Both Patients and Dentists

Spring, Texas, sedation dentistry provides comfort and relaxation so patients can get necessary dental work. Dentists can efficiently and effectively perform dental work, knowing that their patients are calm and in a good state of mind.

Dental anxiety may cause you to move around more in the dentist’s chair, making it harder for your Spring sedation dentist to do great dental work. Sedation dentistry is truly a win-win; both sedation dentists in Spring, Texas, and patients reap the benefits of a better office experience.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Depending on different factors – such as the type of dental procedure you are receiving or your level of dental anxiety – there are different types of dental sedation in Spring, Texas. Here are the three types of sedation offered by the best sedation dentists in Spring:

  • Minimal Sedation (Nitrous Oxide) – nitrous oxide– also known as laughing gas – is a common form of Spring dental sedation. Nitrous oxide is given to you through a mask, and its relaxing properties should begin to take effect within 5 minutes.
  • Intravenous sedation – a sedative medication administered through an IV. This is the deepest type of conscious sedation available and provides the deepest level of relaxation possible. Your vital signs will be monitored closely under this form of sedation, and its effects take a few hours to wear off after the procedure.
  • General anesthesia – this type of sedation is reserved for more complicated or prolonged dental surgeries. You will be unconscious during this type of dental sedation.

Depending on your discomfort level and the type of procedure you will be undergoing, your Spring, TX, sedation dentist may recommend one of the above types of dental sedation. Even if you are just visiting your dentist for a routine cleaning, if you are having high levels of anxiety, dental sedation is a great option for you. You don’t have to simply accept the fear and anxiety you are experiencing – you can combat it with dental sedation. It’s a safe and effective choice.

Be Comfortable In The Dentist’s Chair With Sedation Dentistry

If the thought of visiting the dentist leaves you in a cold sweat, it’s time to change your experience. Visit the best Spring, Texas, sedation dentists at Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry. Their dental sedation will have you feeling relaxed and comfortable, changing your entire outlook on your visit to the dentist. You will feel comfortable and will not experience any pain or restlessness.

Call (281) 320-2000 today to book an appointment with a sedation dentist at Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry. We have two locations in Spring, Texas – Cypresswood and Auburn Lakes – for your convenience. We look forward to changing your experience in the dentist’s chair!